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Keep it simple, season and prepare the food properly, and it will be delicious.  It’s that simple and that is what California Rancher is here to help with.  Delicious cooking outside and in your kitchen are much closer than you think.  Start with good, local ingredients and accent but don’t hide ‘em.

California Rancher’s all-natural seasonings and sauces are carefully crafted to bring out the natural flavors of ingredients and give ‘em a kick in the pants.  A properly grilled steak can be tasty with just salt and pepper, but can be fantastic with Santa Maria-style seasoning.  Grilled or roasted salmon is good, but becomes great when seasoned with Monterey Seafood seasoning.  

Don’t overcomplicate cooking, grilling, and barbecue.  You don’t need to to BBQ meat for 15 hours in a custom-made smoker or barbecue.  Of course that could yield some mouth-watering results, but it’s not necessary and who has the time and money?

California Rancher seasonings can be used to wake up your everyday cooking and it doesn’t have to be on the grill or barbecue.  When you reach for the salt and pepper, instead reach for a California Rancher seasoning to take your creation up another level.  Santa Maria-style or Oaky & Smoky seasoning on fried eggs?!  Yes and it is delicious.  We still surprise ourselves almost every day with new uses.   Put your California Rancher seasonings out on the counter and don’t be afraid to try them on your everyday savory dishes.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised.