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California Rancher | Santa Maria-style BBQ Seasoning

The perfect all-purpose steak, tri-tip, BBQ and home kitchen seasoning.  Throw away your salt and pepper and use Santa Maria-style seasoning instead.  This stepped-up, authentic Central Coast-style blend is our go-anywhere, season-anything favorite.  Wake up your grilling and roasting by sprinkling liberally over tri-tip, roasts, steaks, chicken, fish, and vegetables.  It has a beautiful coarse texture with a secret, aromatic blend of herbs and spices.  Less salty and more herbaceous than other Santa Maria-style seasonings on the market, so longer marinade times only make the meat more flavorful without being overly salty.  No MSG - Non-GMO

Ingredients: Kosher salt, spices, organic onion, organic garlic and rice extract (anti-caking)

 Gluten free

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