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Craft Seasonings & Rubs

Monterey Seafood Seasoning

A delicate balance of herbs with a hint of citrus wakes up your seafood fare whether grilled roasted, seared, or baked.  Throw out your Old Bay seasoning.  Dill and thyme dance with a little pepper to enhance but not overwhelm quality seafood.  Drizzle your fish with olive oil and sprinkle with Monterey Seafood Seasoning before cooking for a savory, delicious treat.

Suggested uses:

  • Roasted halibut
  • Petrale Sole
  • Grilled, skewered jumbo shrimp
  • Pan-seared scallops

Ingredients:  Kosher salt, paprika, spices, organic garlic, red peppers, citric acid, and organic olive oil

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