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Santa Maria-seasoned Roasted Chicken

Throw away your salt and pepper and use Santa Maria-style seasoning instead.  This stepped-up, authentic Central Coast-style blend is our go-anywhere, season-anything favorite.



Easy Cajun Roasted Halibut

Wow your friends and family with this simple, delicious, and healthy oven-roasted Cajun fish recipe with little prep or cleanup


Santa Maria-style Compound Butter

Use this tasty concoction to finish off grilled steaks, roasted chicken, or roasted vegetables.  Use it on garlic bread or substitute Oaky & Smoky seasoning for incredible flavor.  Monterey Seafood compound butter makes good grilled fish sensational.



The Ultimate Steak. The Ultimate.

This wildly-delicious yet simple recipe can be prepared on the grill or stove.  For the best flavor, season your steak the night before and wrap in plastic.  During searing, don’t be afraid of a little color and flame.  It is critical to get a good crust on the outside to seal in the juices and the flavor is fantastic.  We enjoy the ribeye for its flavor and juiciness, but your favorite cut can be substituted as well.


Santa Maria-style Tri-tip Sirloin

Santa Maria-style tri-tip is traditionally barbecued over a California red oak wood fire on an adjustable Santa Maria-style grill.  The sweet smoke gives the meat a distinctive, tasty flavor.  However, you can still prepare a delicious tri-tip at home using Santa Maria-style seasoning and your backyard grill or even in an oven.


Easy Oaky & Smoky Babyback Ribs

This is a great recipe for flavorful, tender, moist, succulent ribs for when you don’t have a lot of time to spend in front of the BBQ.  The wine or beer guarantees your ribs will come out fall-off-the-bone every time.