California Rancher

We've been hunkered down and wrapped up to stay warm over the last couple of weeks, yes, even here in California!  This blast of warm air has me thinking of picking up a couple pieces of nice fish from Santa Monica Seafood or Manhattan Meats.

What seasoning do I recommend?  Monterey Seafood Seasoning is the obvious answer, but I'm going to make another recommendation.

Oaky & Smoky: ideal for a heartier fish such as roasted salmon with notes of smoky chipotle balanced with a hint of sweetness.  Think of cedar-plank-roasting in a bottle.  Delicious on grilled Mahi mahi too and for fish tacos.  Nice with a peppery Syrah or Pinot Noir or with a hoppy, El Segundo Brewing Company IPA

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Written by Mike Keller — January 18, 2013

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